Seascapes and Mountains, Norway 2017

My favorite thing about living in Vancouver is the combination of mountains and ocean. I spent a lot of time by the ocean growing up, but never really had mountains near by... And definitively not snow covered mountains! I think that is partially why I love this combination so much. Lofoten islands have that same combination (but without the urban setting, of course...), which is probably why I loved shooting seascapes so much during my time there! 

It was fun exploring different beaches too, as there were all these patterns in the sand that changed daily depending on the tide and currents. And when shooting seascapes, every wave is a little bit different, giving you the freedom to decide what kind of image you want to create by adjusting your camera settings. I like water movement, so my shutter speed was between 1/3 - 1/8 of a second... Mostly at 1/5s! The spectacular arctic sunrises and sunsets didn't hurt either. 

It was almost impossible deciding which images to post, so there are quite a few different ones below... Click on each image for better viewing! 

We got to shoot some calm lake waters too, which was interesting because of the ice formations and reflections.