33 Random Acts of Kindness

I will be turning 33 years old on November 24th (or my 2nd 27th birthday, given I started going backwards after my 30th) and I decided to do something a bit different leading up to that date. Starting this afternoon, I have 11.5 days to do 33 random acts of kindness.

Why? Well, why not?! While Im not a big fan of the word 'karma', I do believe that what goes around comes around and that you get what you put out there/give. I would say 'give selflessly', but since I believe good things happen to those who help others/give without expecting anything is return, is it really all that selfless? Hmmm... Something to think about! Generally speaking, I find that sometimes we just get all caught up in our day to day routine and our own 'bubble', that we just forget to do kind things for others. 

So, here is my list. Some of these are things I do sometimes/a lot of the time anyways, but there is nothing wrong with making a more conscious effort and perhaps doing them on a more regular basis... To track progress, when completed something on the list, I will change the text to italic. Also, some of these are not to be done just once, but a few times and/or daily!

  1. Smile at strangers. While this might seem like a silly one, I find people rarely smile at strangers in Vancouver! Why is that?!
  2. Write a thank you note to someone I appreciate. Not a text, not an email, but an actual handwritten thank you note/card. Sent in the mail. Old school.
  3. Write a positive online review for great service. We are often quick to complain about bad service and forget to publicly rave about great service. It should be the other way around!
  4. Let someone go in front of me at the grocery check out or other line (eg. bank), especially if they look like they are in a hurry
  5. Leave a few quarters at the laundry room in my building for someone else to use
  6. Leave someone change in the parking meter / add money to someone's expired meter
  7. Chat with the person at the check out at the grocery store, coffee shop, etc and/or someone else waiting in line
  8. Reach out to someone I haven't talked to in a while, to see how they have been and rekindle the friendship
  9. Hold the door open for someone 
  10. Put the phone away when out with a friend, etc
  11. Offer to help someone, with something that will save them either time or money (or both)
  12. Practice the art of truly listening. When someone else is talking, do not interrupt 
  13. Let someone merge in front of me, even if I'm in a rush
  14. Make a music playlist for someone (and give it to then, of course)
  15. Write a positive/fun quote on a sticky note and post it on the mirror of a restroom at a restaurant, coffee shop etc for someone else to find and make them smile
  16. Give strangers genuine compliments
  17. Wish someone in the elevator good morning/good afternoon/good evening
  18. Help someone who looks lost / asking for directions
  19. Write letters/notes to a few friends I don't get to see often enough, and mail them. Non of that email nonsense... 
  20. Give people the benefit of the doubt instead of being quick to judge or making up stories/excuses for them
  21. At a crowded coffee shop with limited seating, share my space with a stranger and make them feel welcome 
  22. Return the shopping cart/basket to where it belongs
  23. Do not gossip
  24. Donate clothes I am not wearing anymore
  25. Remember dates/things that are important for others and send a note to demonstrate that (first day at a new job, coming back from overseas, big work presentation, etc)
  26. Help keep the streets clean - if there is garbage on the street, pick it up and throw it away
  27. If I'm not into something or someone, just say so... In a nice and kind way
  28. Bring home made treats to a training session
  29. Buy someone else (a stranger) a coffee, or if I have a free coffee because of a loyalty coffee card, give it to someone
  30. Tell someone they are awesome. And explain why!
  31. Donate blood. It has been far too long since the last time I did that
  32. Randomly send flowers to someone I think needs to have their day brightened 
  33. Donate to charity
  34. One for next year... Be kind to myself... 
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