Is it 2015 yet?

Its almost here... A new year! I have never been one for new years resolutions, etc - but I love starting a new year fresh, recharged and organized, with some kick ass goals and aspirations. Sadly, 2014 did not start that way at all. I was stressed out, felt like I was constantly playing catch up (moving to a new city can take its tole) and I got sick right around new years. Ouch. I did, however, have some big goals and aspirations and I am pretty proud to say I managed to achieve ~90% of them. Not bad, I think! 

A few key 'take aways' from 2014

1) I managed to find the oh-so-delicate work-life balance, most of the time. I work a lot, but I make sure I do not overwork. Its a very fine line, but finding my sweet spot has made me more productive in general. It has taken me years to get to this place and it is always a work in progress, but I think I now have a grasp of what works for me. My business has grown by 27% in 2014 compared with 2013 and I feel like I still had enough time to do fun stuff! I mean, I went on a holiday! Somewhere hot! And I did a very minimal amount of work while in Maui. I have always been worried that if I take time off my work will suffer, but when I got back home, everything was OK. How about that?! Note to self - time off is mandatory, and it needs to happen a lot more often than once a decade.

2) Getting organized takes time and it is OK. I have been spending a lot of time getting organized so things are more streamlined and automated, in a way. The year or so before moving was a bit chaotic for various reasons, which is why I felt like I was always catching up on things. Slowly throughout 2014 (especially in the last few months), I have been getting organized financially, with my business and home. I plan on spending the remainder of 2014 making sure I do not start 2015 having to play catch up.

3) I often talk to my athletes about the Maslow hierarchy of needs. I like it because you can tweak it to fit different situations and still applies quite nicely. In the early fall, I sat down and created my own little hierarchy and identified where I am lacking - I feel like I have been trying to skimp on a few steps earlier and mid year and it has not been doing me any good (duh!), but once I realized it in the fall, I took a few steps back in several areas of my life and that has allowed me to start taking large steps forward in other areas that act as a 'primer' for everything else. It is connected to the previous two points... Obviously. 

4) Work - It has been awesome. Not just the business growth I mentioned, but also the consistency of results from my team... It was great and there are so many awesome stuff to build on starting in 2015. Check out my 2014 highlights on the PT Performance Training blog

I think that is about it for now... I will post my 2015 'awesome list' (of things I want to do / achieve) in the next few weeks!

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