Weekly Gratitude

February has flown by - it is almost spring and there are gorgeous cherrie blossoms everywhere, which is awesome. Its pretty clear I love cherrie blossoms given they are tattooed on both my forearms... Aside from my fascination with cherrie blossoms, I've been into tulips lately, filling my apartment with pretty colourful tulips on a weekly basis. 

Work has been great - I have been busy and absolutely loving it, as usual.

1) Bike fits are booking about a week in advance right now, which is a bit crazy for March! If you want to work with me - schedule an appointment in advance...

2) I usually don't have a lot of athlete turnover, but I can start coaching 1-2 new athletes this month, so if you need a coach - lets talk, OK? Also, our group training sessions are growing. I may be biased, but the people I get to work with are kinda awesome. If you wanna join the fun, get in touch. I'm not going to lie, it will hurt... But you're going to love every minute of it. I promise.  

3) I have decided that March is sports nutrition month! If you need help with your nutrition, I am here for you, offering 15% off my sport nutrition services for the entire month... Take advantage of it!

Weekly Gratitude 

I have decided to make an effort to publicly record 3 things I am grateful for, as often as I can. Why publicly? Well, why not?! I like sharing and my mom always says that 'sharing is caring'.

I think sometimes, we overlook the small things that make us smile. Or is it just me? Either way, this week has been about making a conscious effort to take better note of the awesomeness around me and it was... well, awesome. Here are my weekly top 3!

1) I work with some amazing people

I have THE best job a girl can ask for, hands down. I am always grateful for the career I have created for myself and the business I have built from the ground up, but this week I am extra grateful that I get to work with fun, inspiring and generally fantastic people and athletes. I appreciate all of them and if feels good to be appreciated back... Makes all the hard work completely worth it. I got the postcard below in the mail on Monday and it completely made my week! It certainly can't be beet :)

2) Doing things that are out of my comfort zone.

Again, this might not be specific to this week - but I was thinking about that quite a few times throughout the week, taking mental notes of some of the things I have done recently that were out of my comfort zone. Like that photo shoot I did at the end of October... I hated being in front of a camera until that point and the experience completely changed that. Cameras? Bring it on! Or going on holiday by myself... I have traveled by myself a lot and relocated to several different continents solo, but going on holiday alone was not something I thought I would do. But it was awesome, of course. 

3) Sunsets.

Obviously, they happen daily, wether we pay attention or not. I realized I really like sunsets but do not always take the time to appreciate them properly. I took this picture from my balcony a few weeks ago and this week, I have been making an effort to stop, even for just a few seconds, to just look at the sky, taking in the beauty and the colour, appreciating how every sunset is a bit different and kind of unique. Its basically natures way of saying 'hey, you. Look at the sky - 'cause the sky is the limit'. Cool, eh? 

Its basically natures way of saying 'hey, you. Look at the sky - 'cause the sky is the limit'. Cool, eh? 

Now its you turn... What have YOU been grateful for this week?! Make a comment and share - I would love to hear what made your week totally amazing. And fee free to share this post... 'Cause we already established that sharing is caring :)


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