Spring Sunsets

Its no secret that spring is my favourite season. I love the colours, the blossoms and the feeling of change and renewal in the air. And then there is the sunsets... Cotton candy skies often make an appearance when it is not raining - so pretty!

This March has been really rainy, but we had a few dry days, with last Thursday being one of them. I was coaching at Brockton Oval in Stanley park and could see Mt. Baker clearly in the background - I was so happy I had my camera and tripod in my car! After coaching, I grabbed my gear and set up on the beach at the 9 o'clock gun and managed to get some panoramas and pictures of the cotton candy skies, opposite the sunset. Sometimes it is better taking pictures of the opposite direction of the sunset as the colours can be something special! 

Since it was Saint Patricks day, the Canada Place sails and Harbor tower lights turned green, making the colours in the sky pop out even more.