April sunsets

April has been zooming by...  It is hard to believe it is almost May! This month has been full of work and the typical year end tax stress... But between all the usual madness, there were several spectacular sunsets. And of course, I love a good, photogenic sunset! As a bonus, spring and summer sunsets happen later in the day... meaning work is mostly done and I can spend a bit of time practicing my photography skills!

In addition, one of my pictures made the cut in a contest run by Vancity Buzz, in collaboration with 604 Canvas - March/April top 10 Instagram photos - If you want it on your wall, you can order it through 604 Canvas, but you need to do that before April 30th! If you want any of my other pics printed, send me a message and we can talk (I plan on having an online shop set up soon). I also have a new Facebook page for photography - check it out for updates!

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