Travel Destinations

When I was 11 years old, I flew to Toronto, Ontario to visit my grandparents for the summer. My parents put a name tag/ID around my neck and put me on a plane. It was the first international flight I actually remember and I kind of consider it my first (of many) solo trips, even though I was by myself for just the flight itself (I was really under the care of the flight attendants of course, and they gave me special treatment, including hanging out with them at the back of the plane eating grill cheese sandwiches). 

I have traveled to 20 countries and counting and lived in 3. Throughout my teens, I traveled with my bike for races. Now, I travel with my camera. Most trips are solo, some are with a bunch of random people with shared interests, who I haven't met before. Either way, its always an adventure and I always make new friends from various corners of the world. 

Last year, on a 7 hour train ride in Indonesia, I decided I want to travel to 40 countries by the time I turn 40. Since I just turned 36 at the time, I figured I better get going and perhaps writing about my travels wouldn't be such a bad idea either. So here goes! Below you will find the places/countries I have been to. Note that not all places have stories/pictures - only my more recent travel destinations do. 





North America


Central America