In addition to my work with athletes, I am also a photographer.

I have always had an interest in art, and was a part of several exhibits in high school and early university. I even sold a few paintings and drawings! I had a film SLR that I took pictures with to use as inspiration and guide for my drawings/paintings. I took a break from art for years, but decided to get into again in 2012.

I bought a crop frame Canon DSLR camera and a few lenses as a birthday present to myself for my 30th birthday. The intension was to learn food photography so I could take pictures for my nutrition projects myself, as well as take pictures of my athletes at races and events. The learning curve was very steep, and there is still so much to learn... While I enjoyed my new hobby, I didn't take it too seriously and was not out practicing and learning new things too often. I have done my best to take pictures at races (unless I'm too busy cheering/yelling at my athletes) and to document my random adventures/travels/road trips and take food pictures for one of my ongoing projects.

However, in mid 2015, I realized that my biggest barrier is the size of my camera. My DSLR didn't fit in my everyday bag, and given my schedule is quite busy, the fact that I didn't have my camera on me most of the time meant I was not out photographing as often as I would have liked. To change that, I ventured into the world of small mirrorless cameras around June 2015, when I got a Fujifilm XE-2. It is compact yet powerful but not too complicated. Its size allowed me to take pictures more often and its old school look and feel made for a more interesting shooting experience. 

It wasn't until the beginning of 2016 that I got more serious about photography and have been out taking pictures and learning new skills every chance I get. I bought a tripod, filters, as well as a few other essential pieces of equipment, started getting more serious about my post processing skills and purchased a full frame camera - Sony a7rii in March to be used along side my trusty Fuji XE-2. 

I currently focus on photographing landscape, urban, food, some sports and plan on getting a bit more into street photography too. I enjoy chasing light, freezing moments in time and simply creating something special. The process of composing a picture and seeing things that others may not brings me joy, while the process of editing and bringing a moment in time to life seems to relax me.